Welcome to Puerto Rico Supplies Group!


Puerto Rico Supplies Group is one of the largest consumer goods distributors in Puerto Rico.

Our more than 300 sales representatives cover the island blanketing up-the-trade and down-the-trade merchants from coast to coast. We hit the streets from sunrise to sunset every day, visiting clients all around the island, with one single-minded focus: to turn our brands into market leaders. Our brands are everywhere, because there are consumers everywhere. It’s all about distribution, distribution, distribution.

Sure enough, many of our brands lead their respective fields: Newport and Winston cigarettes; Borden food products; margarines I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, Country Crock and Imperial; Stouffers and Lean Cuisine; Moro brand peppers; Ferrero chocolates; Filler, Wise and Cape Cod snacks; the full line of Fiesta products; numerous lines of personal care and beauty products including St. Ives, Maja, Nenuco, Lactovit; and our latest additions, the market-leading products of Unilever, Bacardi and SC Johnson.

From refrigerated and frozen foods, household goods, groceries, snacks, candy, health and beauty, prestige fragrances and tobacco products, we deliver over 5,000 products.

We are one. Our philosophy is to provide our customers with complete wall-to-wall service and an ample portfolio including tobacco products, dairy products, refrigerated and frozen foods, grocery items, household goods, snacks, candy, bakery, hair care, skin care, fragrances and cosmetics, among others. We strive to develop long-lasting relationships with our business partners, our suppliers all around the world, in Puerto Rico, United States, Central and South America and Europe.

With our state-of-the-art warehouse, “The Ark”, specialized sales teams by distribution channels, unparalleled market penetration throughout the island, and a resilient back-office team ready to support our sales and logistics efforts, Puerto Rico Supplies Group understands what your business needs and offers you powerful solutions.


A family-owned business, our story began in 1945, when Nathaniel Pasarell and his son Charles M. Pasarell shared a dream and Puerto Rico Supplies was born. The same passion drives us today. We have grown continuously into a top distribution business in Puerto Rico; one that is managed with the professionalism and discipline of a Fortune 100 company.

In 1956, Charlie Pasarell became president of the company and PRS obtained the distribution rights to disposable paper products and Filler snack foods. Two decades later, in 1979, his son Stanley Pasarell continued expanding PRS by purchasing a property in Luchetti Industrial Park, where our central offices remain to this day.

In 1998, Edwin Pérez joined the company as president and managing partner. That same year, PRS diversified into the food distribution market in Puerto Rico by acquiring Borden Foods. An affiliated company, Premium Brands of Puerto Rico, was established to manage sales and distribution of these products. An extensive infrastructure program was implemented in order to strengthen the logistics of the company and enable it to excel in its deliveries and solidify it as a food distributor.

A new era was born in 2006 when Edwin Pérez acquired the company and named it Puerto Rico Supplies Group. His keen eye promptly identified new business opportunities. He quickly obtained all brands represented by F. Pont Flores, a local company dedicated to the distribution of health & beauty care products, as well as Caribbean Snacks and its highly-recognized Filler brand.

In 2007, PRSG acquired the distribution of Ferrero for the down-the-trade market segment. A year later, the distribution of Alberto Culver health & beauty products in Puerto Rico was obtained. In 2009, PRSG became 100% owner of the shares of Glamour Corporation, the largest distributor of prestige fragrances on the island.

In 2010, PRSG acquired the distribution of the Johnson & Johnson products for supermarkets and discount stores. In 2011, PRSG added the distribution of the well-known products of Unilever as well as the renowned rum Bacardi and entered into the manufacturing industry with its new plant in Naguabo where Filler’s snacks are produced. Later on, two additional manufacturing plants were added Metzgermeister in Ciales and the Fruit Processing plant in Luchetti.

During 2013, PRSG continued expanding its portfolio in the prestige industry by acquiring Perfumerias Preciosa and its five retail stores in the metropolitan area. That same year and still today, PRSG initiated an aggressive agricultural program with the acquisition of farms around the island, dedicated to planting Bananas, Pineapple and a variety of other fruits and vegetables that are sold by Agro Produce, its wholly owned Produce Distribution Company.

Our success story at PRSG continues: success not just for us, but for the Island we devotedly supply.