The Ark Distribution Center

"The Ark" (or "El Arca"), is strategically located within a five-minute drive to the major port facilities in the San Juan harbor, providing quick and seamless service for all inbound container traffic. Our warehouse and distribution center houses over 5,000+ products, and allows us to provide service at a higher level. The Ark was designed and created with one purpose in mind: the ability to handle the Island’s present demand as well as its future needs.

Inaugurated in 2010, the technologically efficient Ark is considered an advanced-design structure in terms of security, technology and storage capabilities. It is the very heart of our operations, a living and breathing organism that beats strongly and steadily in order to be able to supply the entire island.

Among its many strong attributes:

The entire facility is constructed of pre-cast / pre-stressed concrete, with minimum 10-inch thick wall panels, Double “T” roof panels varying in thickness from 2-4 inches, and 22 square inch deep-foundation columns. All structural elements (roof, doors, windows, etc.) are designed to meet strict hurricane and earthquake codes and resist both extreme wind and earth movement conditions.

Our distribution center is equipped with two state-of-the-art 550 KVA SDMO generators with a computerized paralleling control to evenly spread peak electrical loads. The building also has a 2,000-gallon fresh water cistern with independent pressure tank and pumping machinery to provide adequate supplies in case of gaps in service from the public utilities.

About 4% coverage of the roof consists of double-glazed, impact resistant skylights (over 150 certified individual units), providing high levels of ambient light within the warehouse, which translates directly into energy savings. Electrical lighting within the facility uses the efficient T5 system with motion detectors attached to each fixture. The combination of these fixtures with the skylights is known as “daylighting” technology.

The interior air-handling system consists of a series of intake and exhaust fans coupled with ceiling fans throughout the dry warehouse. It is designed to provide positive air pressure within the facility, thus preventing exterior dust and pollution from entering. Refrigeration for the freezer, cool and cooler dock areas is provided by an efficient ammonia system that provides maximum cooling capacity at a fraction of the energy consumption of a comparable packaged refrigeration system. Each cool-dock door is equipped with a standby electrical connection to power refrigerated containers and reduce diesel emissions while they are staged for unloading and to offer additional capacity during peak sales periods.

Rainwater runoff is channeled into an underground detention system consisting of over 1,800 chambers located beneath the parking areas of the property. A portion of this water is recycled to provide cooling capacity for the refrigeration system’s condenser towers as well as to supply water for the lawn sprinkler system.

Manufacturing Plant

In 2010, a manufacturing plant on a seven-acre plot of land in Naguabo, Puerto Rico was opened. The plant, a former Alberto Culver manufacturing facility, includes production, packaging, storage and shipping capabilities. In a day’s work and packaging shift, the plant produces an average of up to 40 bags of snacks per minute. PRSG is the exclusive distributor of the brand in the local market and on the island of St. Maarten.

Caribbean Snacks & More Inc.

In this manufacturing plant located in Naguabo, Puerto Rico, we proudly elaborate salty snacks for the Filler Brand such plantain chips, fried pork rinds, extruded, and peanuts.


Metzgermeister is a food processing and packaging company established in 1998 and owned by Puerto Rico Supplies Group. The company focuses on consumer satisfaction using healthy, nutritious and local ingredients. Metzgermeister includes a variety of innovative products from canned food to pre-cooked meals and sandwiches. Its Caribbean Chef brand introduced Latin gastronomy focused on typical Puerto Rican cuisine with the highest quality and freshness. The brand’s top sellers include all-time favorites such as Meat Lasagna, Chicken Lasagna, Cassava and Chicken Pie, Potato and Beef pie and Sweet plantain and Beef Pie. The manufacturing facility proudly processes canned food to supply the local public school system.


With a warehouse located in Bayamón, Puerto Rico, we distribute and market fresh fruits and vegetables. In this facility we also pack fresh food products under the Vive Bien brand, including processed pineapple, mango, and cantaloupe, among others. Vive Bien brand is an invitation to improve quality of life through good nutrition.

Cañon Del Río Guajataca

As part of our commitment to promote local economy and agriculture, Puerto Rico Supplies Group owns three hundred acres of fertile land located in the heart of Isabela, Puerto Rico. We harvest the fruits and vegetables that are later processed in our manufacturing plant Caribbean Snacks & More and our processing facility Agro-Produce, always offering the freshest products to our customers.