Logistics - Excellence In Execution

Logistics has always been the growth engine for traditional consumer goods distribution. Puerto Rico Supplies Group brings the passion of traditional distributors into the 21st century, combining air, sea and ground transportation along with local and global routes to deliver the expected product in a timely fashion.

On time and at the top of the industry

Once an order is placed, outlining the products to be delivered on a route from the distribution center, our logisticians gather all their resources to deliver the full order on time. It is the result of 70 years of fine-tuning processes, investing in the latest technology and of simply having the right knowledge: what's the fastest way to get from here to there.

Always in-stock, always reliable

We are proud of our warehouse, “The Ark”. Ultimately, logistics is about getting a product on the shelves and making sure it is there when the customer needs it. This is known as in-stock reliability. As a distribution company, our mission is to turn brands into leaders, and leading brands should never be out of stock. Leading brands count on the support of a distribution center that knows when the product is running out and responds by quickly providing a new supply.