Representing women at the workplace

Puerto Rico Supplies Group (PRSG) celebrates its 70th anniversary with its inclusion in a prestigious group of companies recognized for their encouragement towards women in the working world and for promoting their participation in management teams through opportunities for development and growth.

"The women who work at PRSG are strongly represented, not because they are women, but because of their skills, intelligence, dedication and commitment. They pull out all the stops, keep their focus on what matters and are able to carry out several projects at once in a superbly manner," according to Edwin Pérez, President of Puerto Rico Supplies Group. "Today, PRSG boasts four vice presidents in its management team, of which three are women. The way is clear; there are women at all management levels in the company and all of them have shown through a discerning performance that gender is not what defines a person’s ability to do a job well. My business philosophy for success was to surround myself with brilliant entrepreneurs who were not afraid of challenges and gave themselves over completely to the task," Pérez stated, explaining how his philosophy has led to the successful development of PRSG, and how a part of his philosophy stems from the example he received.

"A little while back I had the privilege of attending an awards ceremony in which the municipality of Forsyth County acknowledged Doña Lidia Hernández, my mother who is 92 years old and worked as a nurse for over 70 years, as Volunteer of the Year. You see, I’ve been blessed with an example of a hardworking and enterprising woman right in my mother, so all women in my company occupy a special place and have every opportunity to grow," concluded the successful entrepreneur.