Our Partners

Puerto Rico Supplies Group is the exclusive distribution center in the Puerto Rico market for several multinational companies and brands as Borden, Unilever, Nestlé, Coca-Cola, Bacardi, Johnson & Johnson, AC Marca, Henkel, Grisi, Arcor, Ferrero, Christian Dior, Wrigley, Antonio Puig Perfumes (Prada, Carolina Herrera, among others), Perfumer’s Workshop (Samba), Conagra, among others.

Word of Mouth Speaks For Itself

"PRS is the powerhouse of business building brands and categories, our partnership is built on passion and desire that leads into teamwork and success!"

Peter Santiago - Country Manager Unilever

"The success of our brands in Puerto Rico had never taken place without the support and the collaboration of Puerto Rico Supplies. They are professional, hard-workers, creative when building brands and honest. Long time ago we took the decision to work with them and today our brands keep growing."

Santiago Letamendía -International Director Perfumes y Diseño Group

"At the Simply Orange grove, everyone has a job, from the sun to the rain to the bees that pollinate the trees but without Puerto Rico Supplies Team this job will be incomplete. With their passion and dedication towards the Simply Brand the consumer can enjoy the most naturally delicious juice there is. We Simply Loved working with PRS team. "

The Coca- Cola Company

"It's always a pleasure working with Puerto Rico Supplies Team. Over the last 4 years, our business relation has been a success with mutual benefit. The team dedication is inspiring, their professionalism and passion for the Lactovit project was invaluable and help us pass over to our objectives".

Emeric Obeuf - Export Director Grupo AC Marca