Why Us?

Market Coverage

Up the trade. Down the trade. Discount market. Prestige market. The whole market. Target markets, and more. As a result of our work ethics, and seventy years in the business building relationships and establishing trust, we are proud to say that Puerto Rico Supplies Group covers the island from coast to coast, north to south, east to west, better than any other distribution company in Puerto Rico, past or present.

At the core of our success are our great sales, warehouse & logistics teams. As well as our back-office support teams, in essence, everyone! We have quite a group in our distribution company and we’re proud of each and all.

Customer Focus

You focus on the customer, and so do we. The customer, after all, is the one who buys your product. As we continue to manage, grow and care for our trade, one eye is always on the shopper.

Industry Relationships

As a result of our work ethics, and seventy years in the business of building relationships and establishing trust, we have the connections and network you need. And that, in turn, means greater bargaining power to get you the best position on the shelves.

The Ark

State-of-the-art; central location; expansive and ample room; energy efficient and self-sufficient in many ways; built-in protection against natural disaster...The Ark is deserving of its name, carrying us through to the next era, an enduring gem built with love, our pride and joy.


Our technology is always up-to-date and cutting edge. This is our commitment when it comes to the tools our distribution company needs for peak execution and to keep you a step ahead of the competition.


We are built to shift gears at a moment’s notice, with a flexible infrastructure that allows us to adapt to the market as the need arises and sustain your brand’s leadership. When something needs doing, we rumble to a roar, pull out all stops and halt for no barrier. Consider it done!

Performance Management

To ensure execution beyond expectations and market leadership for the brands we represent, we maintain key performance indicators and follow results rigorously on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.